Chicago, Illinois
Welcome to Illinois

Is this the first visit to the beautiful state of Illinois? Not a problem! We have a great selection of attractions, hotels, and restaurants to visit when in the state of Illinois. We also have a wide selection of rental car options which include major rental companies eager to help save some money with rental car discounts and coupons. Visiting Illinois may be a bit intimidating at first because there is no shortage of cool attractions and fun places to visit. Everything we have information on will be fun-filled and family friendly. We cater to those who love to travel, love to see new things, and enjoy the idea of coming out to Illinois to explore the beautiful Prairie State!

From all the amazing eateries and attractions in Chicago, Illinois to some of the more rural attractions and museums all over the state, there is plenty to see, tons to eat and drink, and when the day light dies out and it's time for sleep, there are plenty of places to lay that weary head. Illinois is a medium sized state, but there is tons of fun to be had. Find some of the best restaurants in town or take the family to one of many fun museums throughout the state. Whatever the pleasure may be, Illinois has something for everyone.

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